Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday

On 24th August 2009, me and Hamieza was traveling around USJ 6, it was fun, but, im fasting, i cant drink, Hamieza, you're lucky cause you can drink -_- Yadayadayada. First, Hamieza's crib, we do what are we supposed to do, then, went to Haiqal's house, no one. Then, went to Anis's house, so, NO ONE. Cause, i call her, she said, she in the car, ontheway back home. -_- So, blah, Hakim's house then, we meet Hakim at Padang, he came, then, he do what he supposed to do. HAHA. Then, Raihan's house, weh, she didnt picked up the phone, so, its okay, i dont care. Then, we went to Padang, we do what we should do, and we went to Faiz's house, guess what. Dia pun takde kat rumah. What the f ? But, its okay, i called him, i wish him, Happy birthday yaw ! Then, blablabla, balik :D

Okay, on 25th August 2009, me and Anis went to Padang cause imisshersomuch, then, we talktalktalk about this one girl, then, suddenly, this indian's family, with his dog, came near us, okay, im fine, then, his daughter lepaskan that dog, ohmy, im freaking shock weh ! Then, the dog came near me, and me and Anis run away from that place, and the indian's family just laugh, i was like what the f en ? Then, Anis took her purse, and we blah gy tempat lain
. We talktalktalk again, and play with cat. And, you know what? The indian's familiy sit at our place yg kiterang dduk tadi. Then Anis said "Oh, aku tau asal org tu lepaskan anjing dia, sbb dia nk kita lari, and dia dpt dduk kat situ!" And i laugh, then my mum called, then, balik, then, good. Balik aaa en, tkkn nk dduk kat tengah jalan tu plak ? So, byebye !

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