Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Friends For Life and Death

-After all the thing we been through, you are still with me, trough thick and thin. I think, you are really my bestfriends. Even, sometimes, you are soo irritating with your 'buns', HAHA ! But, hell yeah. You are here to help me. God had gave me a friend like you to be friends with. Im lucky we've known each other since last year. You love to make joke, and it's make me happy, damn happy. Untill, i've forgotten all my problems. All we do is laugh, and thats us. Thnks because being my bestfriends untill now. I love you Nur Hamieza A Rahim.

-We've been friends since kindergarten, but not too close. I know yourself this year, yeah, even you are new to me, i feel like, i've known you since we are in kindergarten, you make me realize that she is not for me, (i think you know who she is) you are my second bestfriends, oh, and, did i tell you, how much you meant to me. Yes, its true. And, you are so-oh-kind baby. Really nice. I am really glad that you are my bestfriends. Even kau suka sangat menjahanamkan badan aku en? HAHA ! Jk. Oh, and I hope this relationship will never end. Pray to God. Heh, whatever it is. Thank you very much Nur Anis Zakri. I love you.

The others, i'll post another day okay. I love you guys !

Thank god, im alive.

I dont believe, this girl, i mean, Hamieza, stick with me trough thick and thin. I love you syg. Only God knows, how am i feeling that time, we lost in USJ 1, and, yeahhh, theres a guy that help us. Anis, Aina and Raihan, if you read this, dont worry, we are okay. We are safe. Mieza feels like want to cry that time, and i said, dont cry, im here for you. And then, we laugh. We still can laugh, padahal, tgh sesat mlm2 buta. Its eleven o'clock already, and we still in usj 1, i was afraid, and theres many guys are 'usha' us. Usha pndai, tapi tak nak tolong. Siak je. And and, Faiz, tak reti2 nak tolong. Okay, whatever la about Faiz. He told us already, but we are so stubborn en. Thats why. Uhh, i am so tired now. I wanna sleep. So, for now, thats all.

Love, Aqiela.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I met you.

So, today was fun, uhuh, fun. Just now, i went to my aunt's openhouse, Mieza ikut. hehe (: There was soooo, many people, im kinda shy. Haha, Mieza too. Okay. So, we went to Anis's house first, we talk talk talk. Then, kiterang blah. Kiterang pgy my aunt's openhouse, then, we eat. And then, i saw a guy, and, i think i know him. Haha, so, thats right, i know him. He is my brotherrr ! Huhu. Eh, omg ! I miss him so much. Me and my young brother, called him. Heh. He is still remember us ! OMG, darn, kiterang dah mcm lama gila tak jumpa ! But, yeah, we just salam-ing, then, i blah. I tak cakap pun, dgan dia, dah la mlm ni je, yg i dapat jumpa dia. -.- IMISSHIM, IMISSHIM ! But, at least, i met him, and its enough. So, thats all. Byebye.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

No title

Yesterday was a great day. My cousins came to my house. Ohmy, imissthem. We talk and laugh none stop. Then, they have to go back home. Ohshit. Im lonely. And then, i watch Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer. The stories was great. I kinda love it. Hihi. And then, im done watching Fantastic Four, I read 'The Mediators'. The book was great. I break a while. And then, im so sleepy. So, i decided continued read the book tomorrow. And then, i sleep. Haha.

Today, my cousins came to my house. Haha. Damn, i prefer yesterday's cousin. Today, was soooo bored man. I dont know what to do. Haihhh, byebye.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Guitar Hero, watching Abg Arep main, okay, I am so addicted :D

Go away from my life

Uhhmm, im back now. So, yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday was raya. Hee :D Im having fun yo. Ergh, i want a new hairdo. Okay, lets dont talk about this. I am so tired. I got duit raya anyways. Who doesnt ? Adults je la en? Hahaha. Okay2. So, agak bnyk my cousin tak balik, it was soooo BORING, darn, thankgod nasib my closests cousin balik en? Hee :D We having fun, laughing all the night babayyyy, woohoo! Umm, now, kat SJ dah, imissthemsomuch! Oh, i miss my classmates too (: Hehe, okay, thats all. Byebye (:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

You make me feel happy, sayang !

Oh, and Raihan ! ILOVEYOUTOO, SHORTIE ! You made my day too, awwwhhh, we love to be your friends, if you got any problem, hunny, we ARE here to help you. Darn, who said you are not cute, you tell me? Youarefckingcutelahsial! :P Anything, i am glad that you are my bestfriends. Iloveyou,shortie. :D

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Next week, exam. Damn, i have to study. -.-' But, totallly lazy maann. Who doesnt right ? Oh, i got no story to blog about. Byebye (:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Love You, Friend (:

Our SAHUR, full of laughter, bak kata Anis. Hah, guess what, we didnt sleep. Actually, i slept at her house. Haha. Umm, okay2, talk about sahur, damn, she make me laugh. Btw, i yg buat lawak en ? Cehh, bangga ! Hahaha, then, kiterang mkn2, then, habis, we talktalktalk at living room, we wear our first and new platform. And buat2 mcm talkshow, and and catwalk, damn, im having fun yeahhhh ! Erghh, can i turn back time, and live it forever? Hah, then, we talktalktalk, untill pkul 730, then, bru tido, then, bsok bgun, pkul 3 p.m. yaw ! Hahahah ! Then, dduk2 relaks. Woohoo ! Mandi, then, Adele and Keetha dtg rumah Anis, cause dierang nk hafal script, Anis dah la blom mandi en, then, dia mandi, i mcm bca magazine, and and, i tgok dierang acting ! hahaha ! Then, i balik rumah, then, i tman dia gy bazaar, then, she drop me at my house, and blah. Hoihhh, i miss that time sooo much ! Uhmm, seriously, if i can turn back time and live it forever, i will ! (: So, thats all, chios !

Sungei Wang (:

Uhhh, today was freaking tired, but, still, FUN ! Uhh, around 3 or 4 something, Anis picked me up go to Sarah's house to picked her up, and we went to Sungei Wang (: Oh, okay, i got a headache, haha, pening gila kepala hangout kat situ, mall dia tak boleh nk besar lgy ke aa ? Hahaha, btw,Anis was sooo HOT ! And and Sarah too (: But, me, mcm apa je, outfit, yuck ! -.-' There is many hot guys, way tooo manyyy (: Best, tgok muka2 budak cute. Hahaha ! Umm, actually, kiterang mmg pnat gila, cause, kat one shop ni, rowded gila babeng, hahha, im waiting Anis, Anis in the fitting room, suddenly, this lady, just came to me, and asking me about the shirt, i was freaking blur, and she said "Eh, sorry, i thought you work at here" i was like, what the f ? And2, i mcm malu gila babi aaa en, muka mcm muka pekrja ke weh ? Haiyaaa, Anis dah tergelak bila i cerita. Then, we walkwalkwalk, then, dah buka, kiterang still tak buka2 lgy, my stomach mcm dah buat consert Michael Jackson dahhh, then, buka 1901 (: Mmm, delicious :D Hahaha, quite kenyang, then,cri2 lgy stuffs yg kiterang nk beli. Then, dah beli smue, fine aa, its time to go homenow babayyyy ! Sarah tak balik ngn kiterang cause abg dia ada, so, dia balik ngn abg dia. Then, Anis called her sister, kakak dia ckp, paling lmbt pun dia smpai, around 1030, woah ! LAMBAT gilaaa, but, im fine, idc at all (: Then, this time, kiterang mcm tgh cari tempat dduk. I mcm tgh pkai Anis punya bag, kat bag dia, mcm ada my nametag, so, okay, fine aa en, then, suddenly, this one guy, called my name, i was so suprised, but, i acted normal, i see him, and im doing my blur face. HAHA ! That guy mcm senyum2, then, kiterang dah dapat tmpat dduk, kiterang pun dduk aaa, kiterang facing kfc, then, mcm couple ni tgh mkn dpan kiterang, they was talking, and we made our own dialog, damn funny wehh, hahaha ! And i got stomachache, i wanna go to toilet. Okay, fine, kiterang pun jln2 gy toilet, time dah pkul 10 something, jln2, skali, satu kedai ni kiterang tak masuk, so, Anis jalan aa, i kat depan dia, then, tetibe dia mcm reverse, then, this one guy, with his friend, kat blakang Anis, Anis mcm nk terlanggar dia, so, i mcm jerit aa, i mcm jerit "WEHH!" Then, that guy punya kawan smue mcm pandang pelik kat kiterang, and i said to Anis, "aku just, nk bgitau kau, yg ada laki kat blakang kau" That guy, mcm jalan jee, and kawan dia tu, mcm pusing blakang. I was like, oh god, we acted like superpsycho ! Hahaha, then, i went to toilet, and do my job, HAHA ! So, im done, i saw, Anis was taling in the public phone, she said, she called Aina, then, i try to call Hamieza, but, she didnt picked it up. )': Then, kiterang talked2 with Aina, imissher ! Then, kiterang agak rushing cri jln keluar, then, kiterang mcm tnya banyk gila orgg, kiterang dah taku gila, sbb, tk nk stuck in the mall, so, at last, dpt jugak find out. Huh ! PENAT SIOD ! Then, tggu kakak dia, so, naik kereta, balik, then, kmas2 baju, sleepover kat rumah Anis ! WOOHOOO ! :D So, thats all today, i had a pretty awesome day. Byebye !

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I aint care about you anymore

Mieza didnt come today, damn bored, Charlene and Syukran too, forgodsake, lucky, cause Adele, Anis, Aina and Raihan, went to school. (: At least, i have a friend to talk to. Uhmm, today what happened ? Oh, seriously, we played 'balas2 pantun' Heh, we got no idea. So, we played that thingy. Damn fun weh, they bring me on, and that girl, looking at me, mcm muka mintak kaki, so, i aint fcking care -__- So, thats all kot, yg happened today. Chow !

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I suck at it

Anis, Im SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY ! I hurt you aite ? I know, and im SORRY ! I got no idea, why i have to drag you that time, hah, only god knows, how am i feeling that time. I just nervous and i need to talk to you. But, i dont know it could change into a worst thing ever. -_-' If you read this, i hope, you'll forgive me with sincerely ! I think you should know, that i suck at it. (you know what i mean) hoih, you help me everytime when i need my friends. THANK YOU very much. I am so sorry cause i dont do it right. I just got no idea. I hope you'll read this. and forgive me.

From me,
Aqilah Nadhirah

P/s:I lovelovelove you so much, and i mean it, thnks because help me a lot. (:

Gabe Saporta <3

HOMAIGOD ! He is cuteeee !

You are my soul

Ohshit, today i was laughing too much, and im hurt. -.-' Yaw ! Hahaha, me and Anis was talking in front while teacher is teaching. Mhmm, i got 29, what happened ? But, i aint fcking care. So, whatever la en ? Then, time agama, heh, laugh laugh laugh and laugh thats all we did today. Anis and Mieza always make me laugh, never fails, never. We got a problem about joke, even its not too funny, we still laugh, and Anis was so like, "what the hell with dierang ni asyik gelak je even bende takde aa kelakar mna?" Then, msuk library, tolong Anis buat Grammah dia, bak kata Mieza, then, library tutup, so, kluar aaa, then Anis gy ckp mcm ni, "Weh qiela, jgn bgitau Hasinah tau, yg kau tolong buatkan Grammar aku!" Actually, Hasinah kat tepi dia jee, then, i push her, and OHMY ! She was so suprised, and I and Mieza LAUGHING again, and then Hasinah mcm tnya everything kat dia, Sorry about laughing at you, but, its funny aaa weh ! Then, Geo, kiterang main2 touch shoulder, hee :D Then, buat muka innocent, hahhaa, lawak sungguh nawww, hahaha, LAUGHING againn, seab reaction dua org budak yg agak kelakar iaitu, Raihan dan juga Aina, hahahaha ! Thats all about today. Chios ! (: