Thursday, August 27, 2009

Admit it, please.

Today was freaking fun, haha! First, wake up, and then watch tv, and sudden, Norule called me, ajak gy rumah dia and then, gy Rooftop, she asked me to call Anis, and then, i called Anis, and then blablabla. Okay, at twelve, i should go to Anis's house. And, i called my mum because i want to tell her. And then, my mum asked me to wait for her to came back home, i said why, and she said she want to take me somewhere, and yeah, so, i called Anis, Anis ckp jgn lmbt sgt. Okay, and then, my mum arrived, huh, dia bawak gy tempah bju kurung, blablabla. Then, i came back home, to take my bag, and then want to go to Anis's house. Suddenly, my dad suruh kemas tu la, kemas ni la, and i was so like WHAT ? I mcm dah lambat, then, i kmas aa, kmas kmas kmas, i asked my dad's permission to go to Anis's house, and then, he said yes. Okay, i was run like soooooo fast. Ohmy, i didn't fasting today so, im okay with it. Hee :D Okay, i arrived at Anis's house, i called her, then, she came out and said this, "Datang besok je la weh !" I was freaking blur, and she said that again and again and then, bru i fham (: Hahaha. And, she changed her pants and blabla, we arrived at Norule's house (: Her house was sooooo big and beautiful and we go to upstairs, and msuk bilik dia, bapak lawaa siak bilik dia en, we talktalktalk, and we dont know what to do? She wants to meet her boyfriend, haha, but at last, tak jadi. Bcause hujan. And we go to my house, Norule bukak puasa cause kiterang lari2 nk avoid dri hujan -_- Haha, gy kedai beli maggi cup, and then go to my house, we talk about ghosts (: No wonder we talk about ghosts because today was fasting's month en, so, tak kisah, and, we went to padang keras, bak kata Norule, haha, Anis was so busy with Norule's camera. Haha, and im talking with Norule, we laugh and talk, and then, Norule's mum called her, and then, we seperate, but me and Anis jalan sama2, and then, ternmpk Norule's mum, and dia suruh tumpang, and then, tumpang je la, cause hujan, and her mum picked up Norule at Nini's house, and she was so suprised cause me and Anis ada dlm kereta dia, hahaha, Her mum sent us to Anis's house, and then, i lepak with Anis at her house, hahahha. And then, balik, I guess, thats all. Byebyeee (:

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