Monday, October 26, 2009

Secret Saturdays

Harluu. Last saturday, Im sleepover + study at Nurul's house. My parents agrees. So, my dad sent me to Nurul's house around 7 something. And then, me and Nurul went to Sunway Pyramid to company her mum and sister shopping. We arrived at there around 730 something, i guess. Nurul was so hungry and she asked her mum 20 bucks, and we had our dinner at Burger King. Its nice to had a dinner with her. We gossiping all the time. Haha. Im crazy about Akon's Concert. And we rushing to the elevator to the place that could went to Lagoon. And we are so pening because we dont know what floor Mcd is. And there is soooo many Nigga. And Nurul said this to me when she saw a nigga. "Ni smue Akon punya gang la ni." I was laughing. Then, we cant see Akon is singing and we could see theres thousand people at Akon's concert. My heart was so hurt. Cehcehceh. -.-'And we went to Puma. Because Nurul's sister want to buy a new Ferrari's new handbag design. It was so cool. And we went back to Nurul's crib. And we want to study. But, we end up onlining. I was so pening because Nurul and K is argueing. First, Nurul was playing around, and end up like K was so angry at Nurul because of some reason. Anis is mad at us because, she was like chatting with dinding. Haha. Webcaming with K. Haha. Fun. Nurul got an idea to put our name like this. 'Aqiela dan Norule SDN. BHD. yang tak berapa sendirian.' We were laughing like hell. And we are so hungry. We tell everbody that we want to eat. But not Anis. And we went to the kitchen. We eateateat. We went to upstairs and look at the laptop none of our friend is online. Fine. -.-' We studying and calling Anis. Pity Anis because she cant join us. Her mum doesnt agrees. )': After studying, we sleep at 430 something and woke up at 11. Oh didnt I tell you about I woke her mum up because Im playing Nurul's sliding door. And the alarm is buzzing. I was like. OMG. Cuak nak mampus lah weh. Okay, back to the point. Nurul call Anis. Anis went to Nurul's house around 3 like that. We take bath around 4. And study. (: After studying. Her mum went out to airport to pick up her dad. And we went to Anis's crib. We studying maths. Haihhh. How depressed it is because our final exam is today. What the f. -.-' Okay. It was 7 oclock already. They sent me home. And it was rainig. I run untill I went home. HAHA. I am so english broken. So. thats all. Oh. starting today untill next tuesday, i will no update my blog. because of my Final Exam. Farewell earthlings.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

You're just the same.

Today is so bored. First, i woke up, take a bath, eat breakfast, and online. Thats my routine everyday. Haha. Okay, i was so sleepy. Even i sleep early last night. I sleep around 1.45 something. Chatting at msn with Kevin and Anis. As usual. They turn me on. I've never been so boring if i chatting with them. Hoih. May i say my english is broken. Shh. I miss texting with S. Hehehe. To Anis and Mieza. So sorry I didnt tell you about this. Well, I just lazy to talk about him. Pfht -.-' Well, i got no idea to tell story about. Untill then. Byebye.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Riding their dillingers

So, uh, i seriously got nothing to blog about, and, maybe, just maybe, i rarely online now because my Final Exam is just around the corner. And so, wish me luck. Byebye <3

Friday, October 16, 2009

I got no rhymes

Today, Me, Mieza, Anis, Norule and Raihan went to Taipan, to celeb Mieza's birthday.(So called 'celeb') Haha, okay. Then, we arrived at Taipan, we went to McD. We order burger, just me, Mieza and Raihan. Norule and Anis, tak. And then, Norule talk to me, she said "Thats Intan(!)" I said, "Intan? Intan mna?" "Intan Syafinaz!" And I dont believe its Intan Syafinaz, cause, yeah, she dont look like her. She look hotter baby. Hahaha. And then, we go upstairs. Norule and Anis, went to upstairs later. And then, we talk talk talk, Anis and Norule arrived. We talk again. Norule and me is talking about Pitbull songs. And them, idontknow. Okay, we blah dari McD, we plan nak pgy rooftop la en. But, tak jadi, because of some reason. Norule hangout with her boyfriend. And Me, Mieza Raihan and Anis, went to BigBookshop, and then 7 Eleven, and then, we plan want to go to Summit, but, we dont. Because, jauh. -.-' Okay. We lepak at Anis's crib. We snapsnapsnap some picture. And its funny, you dont know what the hell is funny, cause i dont tell you. So, shut up and just read. Okay? And then, me, Anis and Raihan, jalan2 kat padang, because Norule kat padang. Mieza went home already. And we sent Raihan at her crib. And met Norule at padang. And, she hug her boyfriend, and so on. Blablabla. Okay, went to Anis's crib again. We snapsnap picture again, with Norule's Camera. Hahaha. And then, Norule went home. And I went home. And its very tired. Until now, Bye. <3

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Aqio Falibo

Hoih, today i had a really2 a good day. To Ma, and Mieza, guys, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! (: Mieza, you officially 14 today. And Ma, seriously, idk. HAHA. And okay, First, I went to school with Mieza, as usual. And then, we talkandlaugh as usual in class, but today, we laugh more than talk. Okay, let me tell you. First, in lab, Raihan buat2 mcm muka hantu aa en, mcm tak cakap, and then, pandang mmg tak boleh belah. And, time to, I usik her shoulder, and then, Aina tunjuk jari dia kat Raihan, so, if Raihan pusing, terkena kat pipi, but, Raihan pusing terlalu laju, so, Aina tertekan hidung Raihan, me and Mieza, what else, gelak laa. Its very funny. Dayymm. And then, in class. Anis is talking about Blonde & Blonder. But, i heard from her already, so, i tell her, and then, she find people that not yet heard the stories from her. So, she asked Aina, and Aina said, not yet, and then, she tell from the begining. And, suddenly, Aina said 'Oh, cite ni ke? Dah2'. And, Anis is so pissed off with us. Because we are laughing like hell. Seriously, damn funny la Anis. HAHA! Sorry yoo! Okay, its Sejarah period. So, we sit at our place. And, Pn.Tan is angry at us, because the class is so loud. And then, she tell us about the sejarah thingy, and suddenly, Haikal's table something wrong, and it make a loud noise. And the teacher, silent in a while, and said this to Haikal, "Takpa, takpa, i dont need a music". And, I laugh, because its funny, i guess. And the teacher call me and Anis and Mieza and Aina and Raihan 'Puteri Kayangan'. Idk why. And Pn.Tan said this to us. 'Puteri Kayangan buat apa? Senyum2 kambing? Next year, saya buat Miss Smk Seafield, awak boleh senyum, nmpk gigi awak yg putih itu.' I was like, What The Ver. -.-' And, its time to go home. We 'simbah' Mieza with water, Gahhh, poor you baby. And just now, i just went out with my family to celebrate my mothers' birthday. Happy birthday, agaiinnnn! Haha, thats all. Farewell baby. (:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sorority Row

Its been a while i didnt update my blog, -.-' so, lets talk about something, uhh, Tuesday me, Anis and Norule went to Sunway to watch movies. We watch Sorority Row, and it was thrilling. Full of suspended i must say. Its 18 PL actually, but, yeay, kiterang lepas. -.-' And everybody is staring at us, because. yeah, idk why. -.-' And then, we went to Kitchen, to find Norule a dress, she want to bought it. Haha. Okay, that day was so tired. Seriously, New Moon is coming, i cant wait ! Hehe. So, thats all. I got a lazy ass to type. Hee :D Farewell.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Boy you dangerous.

Hey peeps, today i got stories to tell ya. It was so damn funny mann. Okay, me and Aina raya Anis's house, Mieza and Raihan should go, but, they dont cause they cant, hmph. Me and Aina help Anis. Hee. Okay, her cousin, Anis's cousin. With his friends. haha. Uhhh, its like, we dont talk for an hour, and suddenly, Anis dare me to sit infront of him and talking with him, okay, i did it. It was like, what the f siud ! Okay, its over, we talk talk talk. Poor Aina, kiterang tak layan dia. -.-' Sorry babe. Haiyaaa. Okay, Aina went back home, so, me and Anis plan want to go to rooftop, her cousin say okay, then, kiterang kmas2, and then, blah. Kiterang tak jadi pgy rooftop, kiterang lepak padang, haha, this time, i was sooo like laugh like hell. Kiterang main buayan dulu, and then, main yg jongkang jongkit, time kiterang main jongkang jongkit, then, seorang mamat ni dtg dduk kat buayan, and main la buayan tu, dah besar dah, haha. Dia mcm keluarkan suara like "EMMM, EMMMMMM, EMMMMMMMMM, EMM", me and Anis mcm apahal la mamat ni oh. -.-' Then, tetibe dia berdiri dengan segaknya, HAHA, i tgok dari belakang, mcm dia bukak baju, but, Anis said dia bukak seluar, and then, i said "Mana ada, dia bukak baju la!" Then, tetibe ada keluar air, OMG, mamat tu kencing kot, Anis's cousin mcm tergelak gila2 and pandang tempat lain, me and Anis mcm terkejut and terus tutup mata. And then, baru kiterang tau, dia mcm OKU, hahaha ! Kesian la plak, but still, she made my day. i am sooooo happy today, thnks Anis !