Monday, December 28, 2009

Hey professor, I'll do anything for an A.

Hey yo. Yesterday, I went to Summit with my mother, and my lil brother. He wanted a new handphone, because his handphone is sucks. Hahaha. So, my mum pgy kedai phone. To buy my lil brother a new handphone. -.- My lil brother really2 need a new handphone. But yeah, dia bukannya pakai. So, i talked to my mum that Kmal doesnt use any phone even dia ade phone. And guess what, dia merajuk. Watafak? My mum mmg taknak belikan. If my dad tahu. He'll be dead. But he is so stubborn. So, my mum just bought it. Sony Ericsson. Haihh, until today, my dad doesnt know that he has a new handphone. Wthell ? Pity mom. She always make us happy. She always buy the thing that I want. But i never appreciate it. Now, i rationalize that im wasting your money, and you didnt get anything from me. All i did, is lie to you. You dont even know that im lying to you. Of crse la you dnt know because im lying kan? Okayy. Back to the point. Ma, im sorry. I just want you to know that you are so nice, kind and awesome to me. Thank you for everything that you gave to me. I promise you, i'll never do that again. So sorry.

Sincerely from me,
Aqilah Nadhirah Halim



Try this. Its work. (:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Its me, not you.

Im tired today. Hahaha. I slept this evening. Its a new thing i did. Hehe. I've never slept at evening. Maybe im too bored. Hahhaa. i sleep at 430 like that and woke up like 730. And then, i watched Nur Kasih. Hahaa. Awwhh, nak menangis tgok cerita tu. Rawwrrr. Nothing to blog about actually. (: Need to go now.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Holiday at Terengganu was sucks ! But its fun actually. Because of my dopey cousins made me laugh in every second. (: Thank you. Oh, and depan rumah yang i dduk. Bnyaks Rempitzz doh! Thats all. Bye.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

There will be a point in your life

One old man was sitting with his 25 years old son in the train. Train is about to leave the station. All the passengers are settling down into their seats. As the train started the young man was filled with alot of joy and curiosity. He was sitting on the window side. He went out one hand and feeling the passing air. He shouted, "Papa see all the trees are going behind". Old man smile and admired his son's feelings. Beside the young man one couple was sitting and listing all the conversation between father and son. They were little awkward with the attitude of the 25 years old man behaving like a small child.

Suddenly the young man again shouted, "Papa see the pond and animals. Clouds are moving with the train". Couple was watching the young man in embarrassingly. Now its start raining and some of water drops touches the young man's hand. He is filled with joy and he closed his eyes. He shouted again," Papa it's raining, water is touching me, see papa". Couple couldn't help themselves and ask the old man. Why don't you visit the Doctor and  get your son treated. Old man said," *Yes, We were from the hospital. Today my son got his eyes for the first time in his life".*

Moral of the story is.
We must not come to any conclusion until we know all the facts"
learn from the past, live in the present and work for the future.

Russian Roulette

Alah, you knew that i adore you. Theres a reason la why i adore you. Everybody ade reason. If i said that i dont have any reason why i like you, thats the reason of mine la. You still dont get it? Let me help you. Everyone ade crush, everyone suka kat orang. Its a normal thing. Kalau you cakap you tak suka sapa2, you bukan lah manusia kan? Even haiwan pun ada family. Usually, you rase sbb apa orang A suka kat orang B ? Mybe, sebab orang B tu handsome, or lawa. Or baik. Kan? So, use your brains. Theres no need i have to tell you why i adore you.


Dear Alyssa, ni rekaan semata mata. -.-

Take a breath, take it deep, calm yourself. No time to think, my turn to go. You are the bitchiest girl i've ever known. You was like talk about me. I mean, talk bad. Kau ingt kau pkai tudung, kau sembahyang, kau baik la? Perangai pun mcm apa, baik la tu kan? Tak social la kan? Tapi kluar dengan laki, siap pegang tangan, then, nak kecoh kecoh kat orang. Nak bangga sangat apahal? Is that what you call 'wanita solehah' ? Pegy mam la weh.

Then, klau aku tak buat kerja rumah, kau nak ungkit aku tak pernah sembahyang. Aku tau la aku teruk. Kau tanggung dosa aku ke? Kau mati ke? Aku dah besar. Aku yang tanggung dosa aku. Kau nak cakap aku menyusahkan mak aku, aku derhaka dengan mak aku. Kau tu? Baik sangat la. Klau mak aku suruh kau buat keje, siap tengking2 lagy mak aku. Tu baik ke weh? Aku pun tak pernah nak tengking tengking mak aku.

Dah la weh, kau takyah nak cakap besar la. Kau takyah nak kecoh yang kau ni, sembahyang la. Buat kerja rumah la. Apa la. Klau kau rajin sangat, knapa tak buat kerja aku. Ni, nak bsing kat aku, suruh buat ni, buat tu. Aku tau la nak buat apa. Aku tak suruh pun kau buat kerja aku. Kau yang rela sangat nak buat. Then, nak cakap aku tak buat keje aku. Anak Melayu pkai Keris, Apa Kes ? Kau sedar la, apa yang kau buat kat bumi ni, baru nak marah orang. Ni tak, tak fikir apa, then tetibe nak marah orang.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Itu dulu, sekarang ?

Takde cerita. Knapa nak kene ade cerita baru boleh ada mood nak tulis blog. Knapa klau takde cerita takde mood nak tulis blog? Bende semua nak pelik. New topic. Okay, bende happened ade reason, klau kau cakap takde reason, tu la reason kau. Kau memang dah takde keje lain, asyik main computer je ke? Tak pernah nak sentuh buku. Takde hidup ke, asyik main computer je? Belajar ntah kemana.

Dah computer hidup aku, ni la life aku. Yang kau pulak merebut main computer dengan aku ni, dah takde life ke kak ? Kau pulak, buat mcm ni computer kau. Semua barang aku, kau buat macam barang kau. Kenapa tak sedar sedar lagi diri tu. Cermin punya bnyak kat rumah. Cermin diri kau tu. Smpai mak aku pun kau nak kebas? Dah tu, taknak bgy abang kau kawan dengan aku. Macam aku menghadap dengan abang kau.

Kau ni, dah takde maruah. Pkai shorts sana sini. Klau kene rogol nnti baru tau. Kau ingt kau lawa lah ? Lawa taik kucing aa. Taik kucing aku lagy lawa. Kau ingt kau kurus kau bagus aa? Dah la tergedik sana sini.

Alah perempuan, kau mati ke aku pkai shorts sana sini? Maruah aku, aku yang tanggung, kau berdosa? Tak kannnn. Yang kau nak cakap aku gedik. Kau tu, buat nada nak menangis, ajak abg2 sedara aku main badminton la, apa laaa. Kau ingt orang takut dengan kau? Setakat muka kau, bawah tapak kaki kucing aku la.

Sekian, Adios.

Charles Bewley

This is who im talking about. He is so so so charming. (: Charles Bewley, as Demetri in Twilight Saga: New Moon. Yeah, i dah tgok. HAHA. (tu pun nak kecoh!) I love his eyes. Blue or green if im not mistaken. (: Dayyumm, nowadays banyak jugak laki yang charming kan? But yeah, he look, old. -.- But still, hes so charming like i said just now. So, thats all. Toodles.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So you think you can dance.

Im sorry fer the late update. Alah, mcm lah korang kesah kan ? HAHA. Well, my holiday was fun! I miss my cousins and friends. Yeah. Them. The person who bright my day up. Today, im very tired. Woke up, bath and then went to Cheras with Hidayah and her mum, Aunty Lela. Well, my aunt wanna meet someone. So, Hidayah and me, captured a loads of pictures in the car. And then, we went to Mara, something something like that. And we ate. And me and Hidayah went to Sogo. HAHAHA. I dont know what are we doing there. But its a tired moment. Then, Aunty Lela sent me home. They went to my house. Talking with my mother. In 830 like that, dierang blah, balik rumah. Hidayah, i miss you like hell. Then, thats all. HAHA. Well, byebye.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Moon

Eh eh, yg volturian punya org tu comel oh. HAHAHA.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

We Go Together

I miss my classmate already. Im friggin bored right now. I dont know, what to post about. Anis didnt online since yesterday. Bbe, what happened? So bored la, without you. Seriously. Everyone is busy. Yaw. Seriously, i dont know what the fuck am i talking about now. I better stop typing now. Byebye <3

Friday, November 20, 2009

Only your real friends tell you when your face is dirty.

Faiz! You are so LAME. HAHAHA. (:

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.
Yeah, You la.
Who? Me?.
No, me.
Who? You?
No. you!
Oh okay. Lets stop.

Im friggin bored.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Perempuan jalang.

Truth is. I think you are an recist woman. I think your husband dont like you, and your kids are ugly. And you bore me. For real. Thats all. Thank You. Sincerely from me, Aqilah Nadhirah Halim.

Puihh, PUNDEK hang.

How can I love you if you won’t lie down ?

Yesterday, was the tiring day of my life. Me and my best buddies went to Summit. We watched 2012. For me, its the second time. -.-' Haha. And then, we went to archade. Me and Anis played game that really made me tired. Hihihi. And then, Mieza companied me looking for a cd. Im looking Sorority Row, but takde. I beli je lah, I Love You, Beth Cooper. Hahaha. Not bad la cerita tu. Fun ! Malam, me and my parents pgy makan dkat usj4. I saw Azlan there. HAHA. But, I buat tak tau jee. I just bought Galaxie. Because Taylor Lautner is in the infront of the cover. (: Awwhhh, so, thats all. Bye :D

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I’m not as dumb as you look.

Today I really2 had soooo much fun. thnk you friends. Hah, me and Mieza went to school at 1++. Mcm school tu my dad punya je en, nak dtg lmbat? So, okay. We went to school with Faiz and Haiqal. We talk about 2012. Yeah. So, we arrived at school around 1:19. We take 19 minutes to walk off to school. -.-' Then, we're going to canteen, because our class got a class party. Kinda sucks. But still, best. (: Today, for us, is the last day of school. Im gonna miss them. Seriously, especially, Nurul, Anis, Mieza, Raihan, Aina, Faiz, Hakim, Kevin, Rohife, and yeah, Syafiq. (: Even we tak bnyk ckp kan. Yet, hes still in the list. Oh, and Charlene too <3. Okay, back to the point. So, we went bck to class. And talk, as usuals. We are too bored in the class. So, we've planned to fly. Okay, kiterang fly. Hehe. Kiterang dduk kat tepi stairs. Takut cikgu nmpk. We took a load of pictures. Bnyk sangat la en. Tak bnyk sgt aa. Hahaha. We talk about ghosts, about yadayadayada. Then, Faiz and Hakim and Haiqal dtang. Join kiterang. We laughlaughtalktalk. Hahaha. And then, untill dah habiis rehat, kiterang tak balik2 class. So, kiterang lari from ustazah. Naik la stairs. Duduk and senyap. Then, blah pgy stairs yg another block. Haha. Sumpah, takde keje. Tgah dduk2 and gelak2 about 'Salamoon'. Sekali Faiz and Amir lari. Kiterang mcm sumpah terkejut. Again, ckp2 dengan dierang. But, this time, ada Syafiq. But, then, dia belah. Kiterang still cakap2 mcm setahun tak jumpa. Then, tetibe Syafiq and Afiq ada kat atas. So, do I look like I care. HAHA. Whatever. Dierang mcm dengar je, apa yg kiterang ckp. So, okay aa. Keadaan tenang lagy. Then, tetibe the guy semua mcm kelam kabut. Dierang ckp, En. Musawir ada. Kiterang cuak aa. Lari naik atas, gelabah mcm sial. Faiz ckp, relax relax. Hahaha. I pun actlly tak tau, asal nak gelabah. Me, and Anis semua turun, but pintu gate kat bawah lock. Kiterang naik tingkat 1. Dduk diam2. Then, tgok En. Musawir dah takde. Lari masuk class. Haha. Penuh suspend betul. Me and Mieza split dengan Raihan, Anis, and Aina. The guy dah lama lari msuk class. Then, acting like nothing happened. We took a picture with Pn. Waheeda. Sumpah cikgu tu best. I'll be missing you teacher. HAHA. Okay, then, lpas cikgu keluar. We fly, again. This time, Raihan cerita hantu. Then, the guy again, mcm ckp yg cikgu kat atas la, kiterang bajet buat tak tau. But, dlm hati mcm gelabah nak mampus. And, Raihan continued the story. And the guy buat mcm tu again. Sakit hati gila, terus blah, then, dierang gelak2. Las, dduk dkat depan surau, continued cerita hantu. Faiz and Hakim and Amir pun join dengar. So, cerita2, tgok dah balik. So, byebye. Thats all. Hee :D

I'll take that as a compliment

I just got back from Summit with my family. We watched movie. 2012. Its awesome mannn. So like yeah, unbelievable. Agak best la bbe. You have to watch it. Seriously. Errr, I think, I got no stories to blog about. Byeeeeeeee.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.

Just remember, the same as a spectacular Vogue magazine, remember that no matter how close you follow the jumps: Continued on page whatever. No matter how careful you are, there's going to be the sense you missed something, the collapsed feeling under your skin that you didn't experience it all. There's that fallen heart feeling that you rushed right through the moments where you should've been paying attention. Well, get used to that feeling. That's how your whole life will feel some day. This is all practice. None of this matters. We're just warming up.

Hoih dumbfuck, get a brand new life lah

I just opened my myspace. All my myspace's friends are gone. I think, someone deleted it. I dont know how they do it, but yeah. This is the 2nd time. I think 'this girl' done it. Because, the only one, my enemy that knows my myspace's password. I just wanted to say to 'this girl', find a new brand life. If you got a lazy ass to find it, i can give it to you. I didnt mess up your life, but why you have to messed up with my life? Once again, "Hey bitch, mirror yourself before someone else mirror it to you." Heh, am i right ? Okay, whatever. I just lossing my mind. I dont know what am I thinking about, right now. I feel like want to find some quotes, and read it untill i felt sleepy. Hahahaha. Such a boring day. Tomorrow i got a class party. Yeehaa. I think it will be a boring day. I guess. So, untill then, BYE BYE !

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Aaron Aziz <3

OHMYGUCCI! He is the best male i've ever known. Wehh, seriously, he is soooo damn hot! I love his body. His smile. Make me melt. Every movies or drama that he's acting, it is sooo sweet. Feel like wants to cry now. Oh no. Im addicted to him too <3 Yaw, you'll never know what i felt about him rght now. Only god knows. Arghhh. Gila obsessed ya know. But yeahhh, he's married. Hahaha. Hes a good actor. Im not wasting my time to watch his filem. Whatever. Hahaha. Serious. I am not joking. Hee :D Urgh, God, please! I hope, one day, i can meet him and Shahredza Minhat. I wanna talk to them, how much im addicted to them. HAHA. Joking. Untill now, bye. (:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Shahredza Minhat <3

Well, im still in Shahredza Minhat's mood rght now. There is no way i can forget about him. Seriously. Im falling in love with him. HAHA. Whatever. He's a good actor. The way he talk, walk, smile, dance, and whatever make me sooooo, melt. Haha. Me and Anis are addicted to him <3 Shahredza, you kene bangga dapat fan mcm kiterang okay. HAHA. He's a braceface! OMG OMG OMG! It make he look cuter. Hee :D Okay, i think, i stop now. BYEE ! <3

Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Panas !"

Oh my Dior. HAHA. I learn that from 'Pisau Cukur'. The movie is quite okay la. Dayyummm.For malay movie. This is the best movie that i've ever watched. The story was great. I dont mind to watch it twice. The actor and the actress is sooo beautiful and handsome. Hehe :D Watched the trailer make me want to watch it again and again! Hahaha. Yeah, seriously. (: Its about two woman are looking for a rich husband on a cruise. How interesting is it? Yeahhh, i think you should watch it. Really2 worth to watch it yaw! Untill then, byee !

Monday, October 26, 2009

Secret Saturdays

Harluu. Last saturday, Im sleepover + study at Nurul's house. My parents agrees. So, my dad sent me to Nurul's house around 7 something. And then, me and Nurul went to Sunway Pyramid to company her mum and sister shopping. We arrived at there around 730 something, i guess. Nurul was so hungry and she asked her mum 20 bucks, and we had our dinner at Burger King. Its nice to had a dinner with her. We gossiping all the time. Haha. Im crazy about Akon's Concert. And we rushing to the elevator to the place that could went to Lagoon. And we are so pening because we dont know what floor Mcd is. And there is soooo many Nigga. And Nurul said this to me when she saw a nigga. "Ni smue Akon punya gang la ni." I was laughing. Then, we cant see Akon is singing and we could see theres thousand people at Akon's concert. My heart was so hurt. Cehcehceh. -.-'And we went to Puma. Because Nurul's sister want to buy a new Ferrari's new handbag design. It was so cool. And we went back to Nurul's crib. And we want to study. But, we end up onlining. I was so pening because Nurul and K is argueing. First, Nurul was playing around, and end up like K was so angry at Nurul because of some reason. Anis is mad at us because, she was like chatting with dinding. Haha. Webcaming with K. Haha. Fun. Nurul got an idea to put our name like this. 'Aqiela dan Norule SDN. BHD. yang tak berapa sendirian.' We were laughing like hell. And we are so hungry. We tell everbody that we want to eat. But not Anis. And we went to the kitchen. We eateateat. We went to upstairs and look at the laptop none of our friend is online. Fine. -.-' We studying and calling Anis. Pity Anis because she cant join us. Her mum doesnt agrees. )': After studying, we sleep at 430 something and woke up at 11. Oh didnt I tell you about I woke her mum up because Im playing Nurul's sliding door. And the alarm is buzzing. I was like. OMG. Cuak nak mampus lah weh. Okay, back to the point. Nurul call Anis. Anis went to Nurul's house around 3 like that. We take bath around 4. And study. (: After studying. Her mum went out to airport to pick up her dad. And we went to Anis's crib. We studying maths. Haihhh. How depressed it is because our final exam is today. What the f. -.-' Okay. It was 7 oclock already. They sent me home. And it was rainig. I run untill I went home. HAHA. I am so english broken. So. thats all. Oh. starting today untill next tuesday, i will no update my blog. because of my Final Exam. Farewell earthlings.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

You're just the same.

Today is so bored. First, i woke up, take a bath, eat breakfast, and online. Thats my routine everyday. Haha. Okay, i was so sleepy. Even i sleep early last night. I sleep around 1.45 something. Chatting at msn with Kevin and Anis. As usual. They turn me on. I've never been so boring if i chatting with them. Hoih. May i say my english is broken. Shh. I miss texting with S. Hehehe. To Anis and Mieza. So sorry I didnt tell you about this. Well, I just lazy to talk about him. Pfht -.-' Well, i got no idea to tell story about. Untill then. Byebye.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Riding their dillingers

So, uh, i seriously got nothing to blog about, and, maybe, just maybe, i rarely online now because my Final Exam is just around the corner. And so, wish me luck. Byebye <3

Friday, October 16, 2009

I got no rhymes

Today, Me, Mieza, Anis, Norule and Raihan went to Taipan, to celeb Mieza's birthday.(So called 'celeb') Haha, okay. Then, we arrived at Taipan, we went to McD. We order burger, just me, Mieza and Raihan. Norule and Anis, tak. And then, Norule talk to me, she said "Thats Intan(!)" I said, "Intan? Intan mna?" "Intan Syafinaz!" And I dont believe its Intan Syafinaz, cause, yeah, she dont look like her. She look hotter baby. Hahaha. And then, we go upstairs. Norule and Anis, went to upstairs later. And then, we talk talk talk, Anis and Norule arrived. We talk again. Norule and me is talking about Pitbull songs. And them, idontknow. Okay, we blah dari McD, we plan nak pgy rooftop la en. But, tak jadi, because of some reason. Norule hangout with her boyfriend. And Me, Mieza Raihan and Anis, went to BigBookshop, and then 7 Eleven, and then, we plan want to go to Summit, but, we dont. Because, jauh. -.-' Okay. We lepak at Anis's crib. We snapsnapsnap some picture. And its funny, you dont know what the hell is funny, cause i dont tell you. So, shut up and just read. Okay? And then, me, Anis and Raihan, jalan2 kat padang, because Norule kat padang. Mieza went home already. And we sent Raihan at her crib. And met Norule at padang. And, she hug her boyfriend, and so on. Blablabla. Okay, went to Anis's crib again. We snapsnap picture again, with Norule's Camera. Hahaha. And then, Norule went home. And I went home. And its very tired. Until now, Bye. <3

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Aqio Falibo

Hoih, today i had a really2 a good day. To Ma, and Mieza, guys, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! (: Mieza, you officially 14 today. And Ma, seriously, idk. HAHA. And okay, First, I went to school with Mieza, as usual. And then, we talkandlaugh as usual in class, but today, we laugh more than talk. Okay, let me tell you. First, in lab, Raihan buat2 mcm muka hantu aa en, mcm tak cakap, and then, pandang mmg tak boleh belah. And, time to, I usik her shoulder, and then, Aina tunjuk jari dia kat Raihan, so, if Raihan pusing, terkena kat pipi, but, Raihan pusing terlalu laju, so, Aina tertekan hidung Raihan, me and Mieza, what else, gelak laa. Its very funny. Dayymm. And then, in class. Anis is talking about Blonde & Blonder. But, i heard from her already, so, i tell her, and then, she find people that not yet heard the stories from her. So, she asked Aina, and Aina said, not yet, and then, she tell from the begining. And, suddenly, Aina said 'Oh, cite ni ke? Dah2'. And, Anis is so pissed off with us. Because we are laughing like hell. Seriously, damn funny la Anis. HAHA! Sorry yoo! Okay, its Sejarah period. So, we sit at our place. And, Pn.Tan is angry at us, because the class is so loud. And then, she tell us about the sejarah thingy, and suddenly, Haikal's table something wrong, and it make a loud noise. And the teacher, silent in a while, and said this to Haikal, "Takpa, takpa, i dont need a music". And, I laugh, because its funny, i guess. And the teacher call me and Anis and Mieza and Aina and Raihan 'Puteri Kayangan'. Idk why. And Pn.Tan said this to us. 'Puteri Kayangan buat apa? Senyum2 kambing? Next year, saya buat Miss Smk Seafield, awak boleh senyum, nmpk gigi awak yg putih itu.' I was like, What The Ver. -.-' And, its time to go home. We 'simbah' Mieza with water, Gahhh, poor you baby. And just now, i just went out with my family to celebrate my mothers' birthday. Happy birthday, agaiinnnn! Haha, thats all. Farewell baby. (:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sorority Row

Its been a while i didnt update my blog, -.-' so, lets talk about something, uhh, Tuesday me, Anis and Norule went to Sunway to watch movies. We watch Sorority Row, and it was thrilling. Full of suspended i must say. Its 18 PL actually, but, yeay, kiterang lepas. -.-' And everybody is staring at us, because. yeah, idk why. -.-' And then, we went to Kitchen, to find Norule a dress, she want to bought it. Haha. Okay, that day was so tired. Seriously, New Moon is coming, i cant wait ! Hehe. So, thats all. I got a lazy ass to type. Hee :D Farewell.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Boy you dangerous.

Hey peeps, today i got stories to tell ya. It was so damn funny mann. Okay, me and Aina raya Anis's house, Mieza and Raihan should go, but, they dont cause they cant, hmph. Me and Aina help Anis. Hee. Okay, her cousin, Anis's cousin. With his friends. haha. Uhhh, its like, we dont talk for an hour, and suddenly, Anis dare me to sit infront of him and talking with him, okay, i did it. It was like, what the f siud ! Okay, its over, we talk talk talk. Poor Aina, kiterang tak layan dia. -.-' Sorry babe. Haiyaaa. Okay, Aina went back home, so, me and Anis plan want to go to rooftop, her cousin say okay, then, kiterang kmas2, and then, blah. Kiterang tak jadi pgy rooftop, kiterang lepak padang, haha, this time, i was sooo like laugh like hell. Kiterang main buayan dulu, and then, main yg jongkang jongkit, time kiterang main jongkang jongkit, then, seorang mamat ni dtg dduk kat buayan, and main la buayan tu, dah besar dah, haha. Dia mcm keluarkan suara like "EMMM, EMMMMMM, EMMMMMMMMM, EMM", me and Anis mcm apahal la mamat ni oh. -.-' Then, tetibe dia berdiri dengan segaknya, HAHA, i tgok dari belakang, mcm dia bukak baju, but, Anis said dia bukak seluar, and then, i said "Mana ada, dia bukak baju la!" Then, tetibe ada keluar air, OMG, mamat tu kencing kot, Anis's cousin mcm tergelak gila2 and pandang tempat lain, me and Anis mcm terkejut and terus tutup mata. And then, baru kiterang tau, dia mcm OKU, hahaha ! Kesian la plak, but still, she made my day. i am sooooo happy today, thnks Anis !

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Friends For Life and Death

-After all the thing we been through, you are still with me, trough thick and thin. I think, you are really my bestfriends. Even, sometimes, you are soo irritating with your 'buns', HAHA ! But, hell yeah. You are here to help me. God had gave me a friend like you to be friends with. Im lucky we've known each other since last year. You love to make joke, and it's make me happy, damn happy. Untill, i've forgotten all my problems. All we do is laugh, and thats us. Thnks because being my bestfriends untill now. I love you Nur Hamieza A Rahim.

-We've been friends since kindergarten, but not too close. I know yourself this year, yeah, even you are new to me, i feel like, i've known you since we are in kindergarten, you make me realize that she is not for me, (i think you know who she is) you are my second bestfriends, oh, and, did i tell you, how much you meant to me. Yes, its true. And, you are so-oh-kind baby. Really nice. I am really glad that you are my bestfriends. Even kau suka sangat menjahanamkan badan aku en? HAHA ! Jk. Oh, and I hope this relationship will never end. Pray to God. Heh, whatever it is. Thank you very much Nur Anis Zakri. I love you.

The others, i'll post another day okay. I love you guys !

Thank god, im alive.

I dont believe, this girl, i mean, Hamieza, stick with me trough thick and thin. I love you syg. Only God knows, how am i feeling that time, we lost in USJ 1, and, yeahhh, theres a guy that help us. Anis, Aina and Raihan, if you read this, dont worry, we are okay. We are safe. Mieza feels like want to cry that time, and i said, dont cry, im here for you. And then, we laugh. We still can laugh, padahal, tgh sesat mlm2 buta. Its eleven o'clock already, and we still in usj 1, i was afraid, and theres many guys are 'usha' us. Usha pndai, tapi tak nak tolong. Siak je. And and, Faiz, tak reti2 nak tolong. Okay, whatever la about Faiz. He told us already, but we are so stubborn en. Thats why. Uhh, i am so tired now. I wanna sleep. So, for now, thats all.

Love, Aqiela.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I met you.

So, today was fun, uhuh, fun. Just now, i went to my aunt's openhouse, Mieza ikut. hehe (: There was soooo, many people, im kinda shy. Haha, Mieza too. Okay. So, we went to Anis's house first, we talk talk talk. Then, kiterang blah. Kiterang pgy my aunt's openhouse, then, we eat. And then, i saw a guy, and, i think i know him. Haha, so, thats right, i know him. He is my brotherrr ! Huhu. Eh, omg ! I miss him so much. Me and my young brother, called him. Heh. He is still remember us ! OMG, darn, kiterang dah mcm lama gila tak jumpa ! But, yeah, we just salam-ing, then, i blah. I tak cakap pun, dgan dia, dah la mlm ni je, yg i dapat jumpa dia. -.- IMISSHIM, IMISSHIM ! But, at least, i met him, and its enough. So, thats all. Byebye.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

No title

Yesterday was a great day. My cousins came to my house. Ohmy, imissthem. We talk and laugh none stop. Then, they have to go back home. Ohshit. Im lonely. And then, i watch Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer. The stories was great. I kinda love it. Hihi. And then, im done watching Fantastic Four, I read 'The Mediators'. The book was great. I break a while. And then, im so sleepy. So, i decided continued read the book tomorrow. And then, i sleep. Haha.

Today, my cousins came to my house. Haha. Damn, i prefer yesterday's cousin. Today, was soooo bored man. I dont know what to do. Haihhh, byebye.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Guitar Hero, watching Abg Arep main, okay, I am so addicted :D

Go away from my life

Uhhmm, im back now. So, yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday was raya. Hee :D Im having fun yo. Ergh, i want a new hairdo. Okay, lets dont talk about this. I am so tired. I got duit raya anyways. Who doesnt ? Adults je la en? Hahaha. Okay2. So, agak bnyk my cousin tak balik, it was soooo BORING, darn, thankgod nasib my closests cousin balik en? Hee :D We having fun, laughing all the night babayyyy, woohoo! Umm, now, kat SJ dah, imissthemsomuch! Oh, i miss my classmates too (: Hehe, okay, thats all. Byebye (:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

You make me feel happy, sayang !

Oh, and Raihan ! ILOVEYOUTOO, SHORTIE ! You made my day too, awwwhhh, we love to be your friends, if you got any problem, hunny, we ARE here to help you. Darn, who said you are not cute, you tell me? Youarefckingcutelahsial! :P Anything, i am glad that you are my bestfriends. Iloveyou,shortie. :D

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Next week, exam. Damn, i have to study. -.-' But, totallly lazy maann. Who doesnt right ? Oh, i got no story to blog about. Byebye (:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Love You, Friend (:

Our SAHUR, full of laughter, bak kata Anis. Hah, guess what, we didnt sleep. Actually, i slept at her house. Haha. Umm, okay2, talk about sahur, damn, she make me laugh. Btw, i yg buat lawak en ? Cehh, bangga ! Hahaha, then, kiterang mkn2, then, habis, we talktalktalk at living room, we wear our first and new platform. And buat2 mcm talkshow, and and catwalk, damn, im having fun yeahhhh ! Erghh, can i turn back time, and live it forever? Hah, then, we talktalktalk, untill pkul 730, then, bru tido, then, bsok bgun, pkul 3 p.m. yaw ! Hahahah ! Then, dduk2 relaks. Woohoo ! Mandi, then, Adele and Keetha dtg rumah Anis, cause dierang nk hafal script, Anis dah la blom mandi en, then, dia mandi, i mcm bca magazine, and and, i tgok dierang acting ! hahaha ! Then, i balik rumah, then, i tman dia gy bazaar, then, she drop me at my house, and blah. Hoihhh, i miss that time sooo much ! Uhmm, seriously, if i can turn back time and live it forever, i will ! (: So, thats all, chios !

Sungei Wang (:

Uhhh, today was freaking tired, but, still, FUN ! Uhh, around 3 or 4 something, Anis picked me up go to Sarah's house to picked her up, and we went to Sungei Wang (: Oh, okay, i got a headache, haha, pening gila kepala hangout kat situ, mall dia tak boleh nk besar lgy ke aa ? Hahaha, btw,Anis was sooo HOT ! And and Sarah too (: But, me, mcm apa je, outfit, yuck ! -.-' There is many hot guys, way tooo manyyy (: Best, tgok muka2 budak cute. Hahaha ! Umm, actually, kiterang mmg pnat gila, cause, kat one shop ni, rowded gila babeng, hahha, im waiting Anis, Anis in the fitting room, suddenly, this lady, just came to me, and asking me about the shirt, i was freaking blur, and she said "Eh, sorry, i thought you work at here" i was like, what the f ? And2, i mcm malu gila babi aaa en, muka mcm muka pekrja ke weh ? Haiyaaa, Anis dah tergelak bila i cerita. Then, we walkwalkwalk, then, dah buka, kiterang still tak buka2 lgy, my stomach mcm dah buat consert Michael Jackson dahhh, then, buka 1901 (: Mmm, delicious :D Hahaha, quite kenyang, then,cri2 lgy stuffs yg kiterang nk beli. Then, dah beli smue, fine aa, its time to go homenow babayyyy ! Sarah tak balik ngn kiterang cause abg dia ada, so, dia balik ngn abg dia. Then, Anis called her sister, kakak dia ckp, paling lmbt pun dia smpai, around 1030, woah ! LAMBAT gilaaa, but, im fine, idc at all (: Then, this time, kiterang mcm tgh cari tempat dduk. I mcm tgh pkai Anis punya bag, kat bag dia, mcm ada my nametag, so, okay, fine aa en, then, suddenly, this one guy, called my name, i was so suprised, but, i acted normal, i see him, and im doing my blur face. HAHA ! That guy mcm senyum2, then, kiterang dah dapat tmpat dduk, kiterang pun dduk aaa, kiterang facing kfc, then, mcm couple ni tgh mkn dpan kiterang, they was talking, and we made our own dialog, damn funny wehh, hahaha ! And i got stomachache, i wanna go to toilet. Okay, fine, kiterang pun jln2 gy toilet, time dah pkul 10 something, jln2, skali, satu kedai ni kiterang tak masuk, so, Anis jalan aa, i kat depan dia, then, tetibe dia mcm reverse, then, this one guy, with his friend, kat blakang Anis, Anis mcm nk terlanggar dia, so, i mcm jerit aa, i mcm jerit "WEHH!" Then, that guy punya kawan smue mcm pandang pelik kat kiterang, and i said to Anis, "aku just, nk bgitau kau, yg ada laki kat blakang kau" That guy, mcm jalan jee, and kawan dia tu, mcm pusing blakang. I was like, oh god, we acted like superpsycho ! Hahaha, then, i went to toilet, and do my job, HAHA ! So, im done, i saw, Anis was taling in the public phone, she said, she called Aina, then, i try to call Hamieza, but, she didnt picked it up. )': Then, kiterang talked2 with Aina, imissher ! Then, kiterang agak rushing cri jln keluar, then, kiterang mcm tnya banyk gila orgg, kiterang dah taku gila, sbb, tk nk stuck in the mall, so, at last, dpt jugak find out. Huh ! PENAT SIOD ! Then, tggu kakak dia, so, naik kereta, balik, then, kmas2 baju, sleepover kat rumah Anis ! WOOHOOO ! :D So, thats all today, i had a pretty awesome day. Byebye !

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I aint care about you anymore

Mieza didnt come today, damn bored, Charlene and Syukran too, forgodsake, lucky, cause Adele, Anis, Aina and Raihan, went to school. (: At least, i have a friend to talk to. Uhmm, today what happened ? Oh, seriously, we played 'balas2 pantun' Heh, we got no idea. So, we played that thingy. Damn fun weh, they bring me on, and that girl, looking at me, mcm muka mintak kaki, so, i aint fcking care -__- So, thats all kot, yg happened today. Chow !

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I suck at it

Anis, Im SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY ! I hurt you aite ? I know, and im SORRY ! I got no idea, why i have to drag you that time, hah, only god knows, how am i feeling that time. I just nervous and i need to talk to you. But, i dont know it could change into a worst thing ever. -_-' If you read this, i hope, you'll forgive me with sincerely ! I think you should know, that i suck at it. (you know what i mean) hoih, you help me everytime when i need my friends. THANK YOU very much. I am so sorry cause i dont do it right. I just got no idea. I hope you'll read this. and forgive me.

From me,
Aqilah Nadhirah

P/s:I lovelovelove you so much, and i mean it, thnks because help me a lot. (:

Gabe Saporta <3

HOMAIGOD ! He is cuteeee !

You are my soul

Ohshit, today i was laughing too much, and im hurt. -.-' Yaw ! Hahaha, me and Anis was talking in front while teacher is teaching. Mhmm, i got 29, what happened ? But, i aint fcking care. So, whatever la en ? Then, time agama, heh, laugh laugh laugh and laugh thats all we did today. Anis and Mieza always make me laugh, never fails, never. We got a problem about joke, even its not too funny, we still laugh, and Anis was so like, "what the hell with dierang ni asyik gelak je even bende takde aa kelakar mna?" Then, msuk library, tolong Anis buat Grammah dia, bak kata Mieza, then, library tutup, so, kluar aaa, then Anis gy ckp mcm ni, "Weh qiela, jgn bgitau Hasinah tau, yg kau tolong buatkan Grammar aku!" Actually, Hasinah kat tepi dia jee, then, i push her, and OHMY ! She was so suprised, and I and Mieza LAUGHING again, and then Hasinah mcm tnya everything kat dia, Sorry about laughing at you, but, its funny aaa weh ! Then, Geo, kiterang main2 touch shoulder, hee :D Then, buat muka innocent, hahhaa, lawak sungguh nawww, hahaha, LAUGHING againn, seab reaction dua org budak yg agak kelakar iaitu, Raihan dan juga Aina, hahahaha ! Thats all about today. Chios ! (:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Admit it, please.

Today was freaking fun, haha! First, wake up, and then watch tv, and sudden, Norule called me, ajak gy rumah dia and then, gy Rooftop, she asked me to call Anis, and then, i called Anis, and then blablabla. Okay, at twelve, i should go to Anis's house. And, i called my mum because i want to tell her. And then, my mum asked me to wait for her to came back home, i said why, and she said she want to take me somewhere, and yeah, so, i called Anis, Anis ckp jgn lmbt sgt. Okay, and then, my mum arrived, huh, dia bawak gy tempah bju kurung, blablabla. Then, i came back home, to take my bag, and then want to go to Anis's house. Suddenly, my dad suruh kemas tu la, kemas ni la, and i was so like WHAT ? I mcm dah lambat, then, i kmas aa, kmas kmas kmas, i asked my dad's permission to go to Anis's house, and then, he said yes. Okay, i was run like soooooo fast. Ohmy, i didn't fasting today so, im okay with it. Hee :D Okay, i arrived at Anis's house, i called her, then, she came out and said this, "Datang besok je la weh !" I was freaking blur, and she said that again and again and then, bru i fham (: Hahaha. And, she changed her pants and blabla, we arrived at Norule's house (: Her house was sooooo big and beautiful and we go to upstairs, and msuk bilik dia, bapak lawaa siak bilik dia en, we talktalktalk, and we dont know what to do? She wants to meet her boyfriend, haha, but at last, tak jadi. Bcause hujan. And we go to my house, Norule bukak puasa cause kiterang lari2 nk avoid dri hujan -_- Haha, gy kedai beli maggi cup, and then go to my house, we talk about ghosts (: No wonder we talk about ghosts because today was fasting's month en, so, tak kisah, and, we went to padang keras, bak kata Norule, haha, Anis was so busy with Norule's camera. Haha, and im talking with Norule, we laugh and talk, and then, Norule's mum called her, and then, we seperate, but me and Anis jalan sama2, and then, ternmpk Norule's mum, and dia suruh tumpang, and then, tumpang je la, cause hujan, and her mum picked up Norule at Nini's house, and she was so suprised cause me and Anis ada dlm kereta dia, hahaha, Her mum sent us to Anis's house, and then, i lepak with Anis at her house, hahahha. And then, balik, I guess, thats all. Byebyeee (:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday

On 24th August 2009, me and Hamieza was traveling around USJ 6, it was fun, but, im fasting, i cant drink, Hamieza, you're lucky cause you can drink -_- Yadayadayada. First, Hamieza's crib, we do what are we supposed to do, then, went to Haiqal's house, no one. Then, went to Anis's house, so, NO ONE. Cause, i call her, she said, she in the car, ontheway back home. -_- So, blah, Hakim's house then, we meet Hakim at Padang, he came, then, he do what he supposed to do. HAHA. Then, Raihan's house, weh, she didnt picked up the phone, so, its okay, i dont care. Then, we went to Padang, we do what we should do, and we went to Faiz's house, guess what. Dia pun takde kat rumah. What the f ? But, its okay, i called him, i wish him, Happy birthday yaw ! Then, blablabla, balik :D

Okay, on 25th August 2009, me and Anis went to Padang cause imisshersomuch, then, we talktalktalk about this one girl, then, suddenly, this indian's family, with his dog, came near us, okay, im fine, then, his daughter lepaskan that dog, ohmy, im freaking shock weh ! Then, the dog came near me, and me and Anis run away from that place, and the indian's family just laugh, i was like what the f en ? Then, Anis took her purse, and we blah gy tempat lain
. We talktalktalk again, and play with cat. And, you know what? The indian's familiy sit at our place yg kiterang dduk tadi. Then Anis said "Oh, aku tau asal org tu lepaskan anjing dia, sbb dia nk kita lari, and dia dpt dduk kat situ!" And i laugh, then my mum called, then, balik, then, good. Balik aaa en, tkkn nk dduk kat tengah jalan tu plak ? So, byebye !

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tell me your name

So, today gy rumah Raihan, cause nk buat kan dia msn, pfht -_- Best gila lepak ngn dia, and then, Faiz add, kite pun apa, chatting aaa, bagai nk gilaaa, webcam skali en, hahaha! Sengal, Faiz mcm comel gilaaa, then, kiterang ada one club ni, 'Club Huru Hara' Haha, bende ni smue idea Faiz and Anis aaa, sbb Hasinah suka huru hara kan keadaan, haha, tu yg best, then, dtg plak, ahli baru, Abudullah, HAHA! I mean Hakim, and Mieza and Raihan.

Kiterang chat tadi, mcm buli2 Hakim, awwhh, so sorry Hakimmm (: Then, kiterang away, mkn jap, part ni best, ni ada satu sayur ni, mcm Kacang Panjang aaa en, i thought tu cili, so, i tnya aaa Raihan, "Ni, cili ke weh?" Then, Raihan gelak gila2! "Ni bukan cili, ni sayur aaa" Mieza mcm gelak2 dahhh, then, dah habis mkn, naik smue, tgok2 Hakim and Aina dah off, tggl Anis, Faiz, and Hasinah. Ckp2 jap ngn dierang. Then, Mieza bocor, HAHA ! Pity youu. -_- Then, webcam2 ngn Faiz, lagyy, and Anis jugakkk, then make uppp Whoot2 ! Then, tgkp gmbr (:

After that, Mieza gy tandas jappp, kiterang turun, then, sembunyi, me and Raihan dah gelak2 dahhh, kesian gilak Hamieza (: Then, terkejutkan la dia, kiterang kluar rumah, gy Petronas jap. :D Beli gula2 bebeh, then gerak gy school (: Samapai2, tgok, takde org, gy la toilet jap, balik2 tgok Aina ada, so, talktalktalk as usual. Then, msuk class KH, blaja sekejap, sbb ada ceramah, then, Mieza gy kcau2 budak kat depan, then, buat muka tk tau. Sengal. Haha! Then, 2 hours laaa, then, balikkk class, time maths, bukannnya belajar pun en, duduk2 jeee, then rehat, makanmakanmakan. Then, balik class (:

Time sivik, tak blaja, bosan, Mieza bwk magazine, amik kat rumah Raihan, ahaha, then, bca2 aaa, me, Raihan, Hakim and Faiz dduk sesama aaaa, skali, cikgu tu halau me and Raihan, what the f ? Belah aaa, tkkan nk dduk lgy. -_- Then, terlalu bosan sangat, main lawan2 tangan, whoot2! I lwn ngn Aina, first time menang beb, BANGGA siakk, then, lawan lgy sekali, kalah. -_- Then, time agama dahhh, time agama, hafal PAFA ngn Anis, Aina and Raihan, haha, Thnks Anis, sbb tolong, iloveloveloveyousomuch <3 style="color: rgb(102, 51, 0);">Time balik, tolong Pn.Khasniyati tu kjap, tolong bwk brang, then, bgy kat anak dia tuuu -_- And Raihan tknk naik bas, tggu jap smpai bas dia blah, then, kluar skola, si Mieza and Aina dah kluar dluu, i ngn Raihan je yg kluar lmbt. Haha, Yg bestnye, Faiz pun tk naik bas, so, first2 seperate, jalan, sbb nk hanta Aina dlu, then, terserempak ngn dierang. So, jln ngn dierang, heh. Kelakar, then, hanta Raihan, gy petronas lgy skali, time otw balik tuuu, ckp2 psl rumah org. Sengal. Then, tukar2 lyrics lgu orggg, sengal la Mieza ni en. Then, balik2, jumpa lah family tersayang! HAHA ! Sayang lah sangat! So, thats all lerrr. Byebye!

P/s:I miss you so much la Haiqal Amri. Dah tak lawak dah dlm clss, kau takde, asl kau tk dtg wehhh? Haha, after this, dtg ohh. Hee :D

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Talk to me.

Today, freaking fun ! andd haha, ntah, fun gila la today ! (: Umm, Faiz with his joke. Raihan too, and Aina, ohmyy, i will be miss today (: Heh :D Budak2 moral mcm takde, gy dewan, dierang kne nyanyi, and kiterang takleh tengok, wtf en ? So, dduk dlm class, cikgu msuk, tak blaja punn. We talktalktalk as usual, but, today, with the boys, Mieza, RUGI you tak datanggg! Haha! Malay budak class i pun, mcm sikit je, then 3 org tk dtg, Hamieza, Haiqal Amri and Haikal Ehsan. -_-Syukran mcm buat lawak, tergelak2, then, fly, i mean gy surau, then talktalktalk, nmpk je En.Zuraimi tu, msuk surau terus, then blablabla, msuk clss, then rehat, then, whatever aaaa, so, thats all ler. Haha. The E.N.D (:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I need the truth

So, today was so fuuuunnn ! As usual, go to school, then, lepak with Aina and Raihan (: And talk talk talk (: Then, msuk class, andd, we start our lesson (: Thenn, Faiz told me a good news :D Haha, freaking happy siakk ! (: Mieza start to tease me, i hate it. -_- Then, we talk talk talk, as usual lah en, Okay, just now, i read her blog (: Wehh, it really2 suprised me, and i think, he like you too (: Okay, Aqiela, stop doing that :P Haha, i wont tell anyone la youuu, chill (: Then, umm, time agama was so funny, this girl, uhh, Raihan, freaking blur, and dia mcm tak tau apa maksud duit kutu, andd, kiterang explain lerr, and dia percaya that number yg Ainaa bgy tu number undi. Haha, padahal number topup. Raihan, you're freaking funnnnnyyy ! So, that's all. Byebye (:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

meet me at the hotel room

Uhh, im just got back from Genting Highlands, wooh! Its damn best wehh! Haha, okay2, we're planning nk pgy 1 hari jee, then balik, but, my brother kata nak tido sana, so, fine la, tido sana, first smpai sana, gy jalan2 jeee, smapi malam, then, balik apartment, tido, and the next day, gy msuk Genting, outdoor theme park, perghhh, masuk2 jeee, kiterang trus pgy tempat mna yg kiterang nak main, kiterang main la, banyak2. Oh myyy, i was so tired maannn! Give me a rest jap.

Haha. Me and my family tgh beratur nk naik roller coaster, sekali, i ternmpk sorang mamat ni, and muka dia mcm Z, ohmyy, i was so suprised, hahha, mmg serupa gila ! Tak tau nak ckp apa lah en, mmg serupa gila babi. Okay, dah naik roller coaster smue, then, rehat jap, because, pening sangat2 !Then, i mcm nmpk bnyk sgt hot guys, alert weh! :P

Then, gy naik flying dragon, this time, i rasa takut gila nak naik, i dont know why, my brother mcm selamber je, nak naikkk, hahaha, okay laaa, then, he ask me to follow he to ride the roller coaster, perghh, i pun naik laaa, dengan my face yg takut gilaa, my dad dah tergelak dahhh, then, bende tu start jalannn, first okay lgyy, org blakang i smue mcm menjerit, which is, my family, hahaha ! But, i ngn my brother buat muka selamber jeeee, ahahaha ! He ask me to do that face. So, i do it. Okayyy, finally, bnde tu dah kat part yg i dont like, i have to do it, i ttup la mata, then, tgok2 dah smpai, so, blablabla, balik, then, tidoooo ! The End.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What would my mama do ?

Ohmygod, smalam mcm sial gila, haha, nk puasa, but kna buka, sbb, muka mcm pucat gilaa, haha ! last2, minum air soya, haha, sbb, takut terpengsan tengah2 jalan, ke en? Haha! Sengal, seblum minum tu, mcm org hilang anak pun ada gakk, letih gila babi, haha, lpas dah minum tu, hyper gilaaa, mcm org tak sihat pun ada gakk. -.-' So, yeah, kiterang main baling2 kertas kat dlm clss, last period, ni smua Syukran aa, yg start dluu, then, ni baling kat ni, yg ni plak baling kat sana, yg sana plak baling kat sini, hahha, ntah apa2 aaa, sumpah, letih, nasib dah buka ohh, klau tak, tak da nye nk main baling2 kertas, haahah ! Dah lama gak aa tak gila mcm smalam, heh, then, Hakim terbaling kertas tu, kat Raihan! *keningkening. Haha, Hakim mcm malu2 nk mintak 'sorry' kat Raihan, Raihan pun buat tk tau jee, hahaha ! kesiann sial, so, mcm tu je aa, then balik, before kluar dri class tu, me and faiz mcm main kejar2, hahah, dh lma tak kejar Faiz, :D Now, dah baling balik kat Faiz, Faiz tk sempat nk kjarrr, Woohh ! Haha, BANGGA sial, slalunya Faiz dpt kejar (: So, haha, thats all la kot, yg jadiii (: Thnk you for reading this crap (:

Friday, July 10, 2009

The best ever

So , hi peeps ! Okay , today was shoo fun ! Lagy2 , after recess :) Me and my classmate, which is her name is Mieza , my english sucks right ? yeah , its true ! -.- Lets start ! Emm , before recess we just like mcm takde mood , && mcm sleepy gilaaa , but , after recess , kiterang hyper gila babengg , hahaha ! Seriously , something yg dah buat kiterang gelak gila2 ! haha , okay , kiterang lepas rehat , kna beratur (mcm apa jeee,kne beraturr-.-) and , time tu , idk ? kiterang mkn sweets bnyk sgt kot , asyik nk tergelak2 jeee -.- Seriously , tk tau asl . Okay , first thing yg buat aku tergelak gila2 is about miss.Pamela buat kelakar , okay2 patutnya 'club buddha' right ? I heard she said 'club buddhu' and im hurt sbb laugh gila banyakkk , then , dah hbis gelak about that , tetibe trdgr sound yg agk FUNNY ! SingJoo bersin , sounds like she is 'FARTING' ! HAHA ! Everyone , mcm tgok dia kot ? HAHA ! Anis mcm pelik gila ngn i , bnda tu tak lah kelakar pun , actlly , but i yg overdose ! hahaha ! Sengal :) Then , balik kelas , this time Shafiqah plak yg buat lawak , she turned around sbb nk tgok barisan clss kiterang , than tgh dia mrh2 Poh Ching , tiba2 dia terlanggar satu tiang dr blakang ! hahaha ! Muka dia mcm , homg ! klaka gila , me , Charlene and Mieza tergelak gila2 ! Kiterang gelak smpai la masuk class ! haha , then , kiterang mcm halang Poh Ching masuk class , muka dia tu mcm apa jee , blur nk mampus , pastu , lari2 plak ! hahaha ! mmg , klaka weyyy ! Okay , then , msuk clss , kiterang time sivik , time to , tgh tggu Pn.Murshidah , lepak2 kat luar class , then , ternmpk Pn.Goh ! So , msuk aaa class , time masuk tu , ntah apa kejadah aaa Mieza , buat2 mcm basuh rambut Aina , she's wearing tudong , but yeah ! The craziness of Mieza , mmg ntah apa2 aaa , then , i pun JOIN aaa , Aina mcm buat 'dek' jeee , hahaha ! Then , mieza kata mcm ni "Weh , buat tektonik wehh , bsuh rambut , hahaha" Then , start aaa , tektonik yg 'sesat' mna ntahhh , hahahaha ! Skali , pn.Goh dtg , trus senyap and terus duduk ! hahaha ! Sangap sial kiterang ni ! Then , Pn.Murshidah masuk , dia ajar smua2 aaa , okay , yg ni kiterang gelak gila2 aaaa ! hahaha ! Ckgu tu ckp 'Tikar mengkuang' its fine laa , then haiqal amri ni , ckp "aa , apa ckgu ? menuang?" Aku dah tergelak2 dahhh ! Ckgu tu punn btulkan laaa , then dia kata "ooh , kitar mengkuang , eh eh ,kitar , eh eh tikar aaa!" HAHAHA!Sengal sial mamat tuuu ! Then , mieza kata , "Ku sangkakan pandai , BODOH semuanyaa" HAHA ! Aku lgy aaa tergelak2 ! Sumpah , sakit perut sial , asyik gelakkk jeee :D Then , hakim ada ckp pasal sorang datin , kat rumah diaa , dia crita mcm terbelit2 , so , aku mcm tak fham , then , dia pnya crita tu , actlly kelakar , so , aku pun buat2 gelakkk aaa , then , aku tutup ngn buku , aku ckp kat mieza mcm ni "aku tak fham punn weh !" Then , mieza lgy aaa tergelak2 ! HOMG ! Seriously , mmg today hari gelak2 kot ? hahahaha ! Then , dah habis part tu , kiterang kna gy surau sbb time Agama , kiterang nk pee , tapi tndas kunci , kiterang tggu je kat dpan bilik hem tuu , tggu kehadiran prmpuan pelat tuuu(Pn.Lau) ! Haha ! Skali , Pn.Lau kata , last period tk leh msuk , so fine aaa , kiterang ingt kan time balik , msuk Masjid japp , nk pee , so , kiterang gy bilik persalinan , time tu , seriously , mmg gila2 aaa nk pee en ? but , sabar jeee ! hahaha ! Si Mieza ni tak habis2 buat lawak bangang dia tuuu , lgy aaa aku nk pee en ? haha , then , dia stop buat lawak ! Kiterang naik atas jappp , then , nmpk Shandrika bwk kunci gy tandas , so , apa lagy , release laa , apa yg nk kne release kan en ? HAHA ! Dh pee tu , blah , Mieza kata lgy brapa minute nk balik dahhh , so , kiterang jalan2 aaa , kat bwh tuu , then , i feel like bored gila , so , ajk Mieza naik , Mieza kata nnti time naik bell ring aa , apa aaa , but , aku ckp, alaa , naik jee , hahahah !So , kiterang pun naik je aaaa , then , Mieza tgok jam , dia kata bru nk msuk pkul 6 ! HAHA ! Mmmg tak aa en ? hahaha ! But , still , kiterang tk msuk surauu , hahaha ! lepak2 kat luarrr ! Ye aaa , maklumlahh , kata Jam mahal enn , mmg confused la sikit , tgok ! haha ! then , time loceng dah bunyi , kiterang relax dlu , aku gy ckp2 ngn Farina . Lama tak nmpk dia , so , imissherverymuch ! hahaha ! Then , dah blah dri skola , jln aaa , skali ada aaa , mamat ni , dgn gang diaa , dia ckp 'bullshit' , bnyk kaliii ! So , hamieza mcm tiru aaa , mieza nk tiru time tu jgak , mamat tu kat seblah jeee , hahaha ! Nasib aa , mamat tuu pekak , tak dengar apa yg mieza ckp , hahaha ! So , thats all la kot , hahaha ! mmg best gak aaa today ! So , toodles people ! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where does the love go

Weh , sumpah , today agak tired aaa , pagi main futsal , ngn Mieza , Afiq , Faiz & Rohifie , hahaha! Okay , agak kesian aaa , ngn Hamieza , first , kne tendang kat perut , dri Afiq , 2nd kne kat mata , dari Rohifie , HAHA ! Whoa , maannn ! kesian gila kauu ! &&& I mcm tak da mood gila today , but , BM was funn ! Jadi skema sikit , harini ! Woohoo ! Hahaha ! & malam , mcm takda bende yg happen punn , just feel like nk tido , ngntuk gila ! haha , smpai sini je kot , boleh type , ngntuk gila ! &&&&& btw , HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM HAFIZ ! :D

Friday, July 3, 2009

Whoa maaaann !

Okay , uhh , its very tired yesterday , its fun anyway , haha ! 3rd period , me and my friends mcm dah keluar dri class , because nk buat pre-sale , but , i bknnya tolong pun , just nk ponteng class ! haha ! bangang en ? Alahhh , lgypun , klau i msuk class pun , my friends ngn i je yg ada dlm class tu , (i mean perumpuan laaa) haha ! So , kiterang kluar2 laaa , merayau2 ! Pgy kat stall class 2H , lepak2 ngn Mieza , Kevin & Adam. Haha ! Adam mcm klaka gilaa , and he is trying to be a magician ! Whoaaa ! Its very the cool maaannn ! But , i know his trick , (tak jadi la weyy!) haha ! && yeahhh , i mcm penat gilaaa , kiterang ttup stall smpai form 2 habis rehat ! LAMA en ? hahaha ! Mmg tak caya jeee , then , balik class , macam nk Tido jeee . But , tahan jee , dah la ckgu Maths to , mcm blur gila babenggg ! ahaaha ! Sabar jeee ohhh ! Uishh , to je aaa , crita smalam ! So , bye2 ! Thnks 4 reading :)