Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Aaron Aziz <3

OHMYGUCCI! He is the best male i've ever known. Wehh, seriously, he is soooo damn hot! I love his body. His smile. Make me melt. Every movies or drama that he's acting, it is sooo sweet. Feel like wants to cry now. Oh no. Im addicted to him too <3 Yaw, you'll never know what i felt about him rght now. Only god knows. Arghhh. Gila obsessed ya know. But yeahhh, he's married. Hahaha. Hes a good actor. Im not wasting my time to watch his filem. Whatever. Hahaha. Serious. I am not joking. Hee :D Urgh, God, please! I hope, one day, i can meet him and Shahredza Minhat. I wanna talk to them, how much im addicted to them. HAHA. Joking. Untill now, bye. (:


raihan D said...

ohmygucci ! he's mine .ifuckingadmire him ouhh ! muaahhhahaa <33

Aqiela said...

Haiyaa, how many times i must said to you? HE IS MINE. AND MINE. AND MINE. AND MINE!