Thursday, November 19, 2009

How can I love you if you won’t lie down ?

Yesterday, was the tiring day of my life. Me and my best buddies went to Summit. We watched 2012. For me, its the second time. -.-' Haha. And then, we went to archade. Me and Anis played game that really made me tired. Hihihi. And then, Mieza companied me looking for a cd. Im looking Sorority Row, but takde. I beli je lah, I Love You, Beth Cooper. Hahaha. Not bad la cerita tu. Fun ! Malam, me and my parents pgy makan dkat usj4. I saw Azlan there. HAHA. But, I buat tak tau jee. I just bought Galaxie. Because Taylor Lautner is in the infront of the cover. (: Awwhhh, so, thats all. Bye :D

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