Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I’m not as dumb as you look.

Today I really2 had soooo much fun. thnk you friends. Hah, me and Mieza went to school at 1++. Mcm school tu my dad punya je en, nak dtg lmbat? So, okay. We went to school with Faiz and Haiqal. We talk about 2012. Yeah. So, we arrived at school around 1:19. We take 19 minutes to walk off to school. -.-' Then, we're going to canteen, because our class got a class party. Kinda sucks. But still, best. (: Today, for us, is the last day of school. Im gonna miss them. Seriously, especially, Nurul, Anis, Mieza, Raihan, Aina, Faiz, Hakim, Kevin, Rohife, and yeah, Syafiq. (: Even we tak bnyk ckp kan. Yet, hes still in the list. Oh, and Charlene too <3. Okay, back to the point. So, we went bck to class. And talk, as usuals. We are too bored in the class. So, we've planned to fly. Okay, kiterang fly. Hehe. Kiterang dduk kat tepi stairs. Takut cikgu nmpk. We took a load of pictures. Bnyk sangat la en. Tak bnyk sgt aa. Hahaha. We talk about ghosts, about yadayadayada. Then, Faiz and Hakim and Haiqal dtang. Join kiterang. We laughlaughtalktalk. Hahaha. And then, untill dah habiis rehat, kiterang tak balik2 class. So, kiterang lari from ustazah. Naik la stairs. Duduk and senyap. Then, blah pgy stairs yg another block. Haha. Sumpah, takde keje. Tgah dduk2 and gelak2 about 'Salamoon'. Sekali Faiz and Amir lari. Kiterang mcm sumpah terkejut. Again, ckp2 dengan dierang. But, this time, ada Syafiq. But, then, dia belah. Kiterang still cakap2 mcm setahun tak jumpa. Then, tetibe Syafiq and Afiq ada kat atas. So, do I look like I care. HAHA. Whatever. Dierang mcm dengar je, apa yg kiterang ckp. So, okay aa. Keadaan tenang lagy. Then, tetibe the guy semua mcm kelam kabut. Dierang ckp, En. Musawir ada. Kiterang cuak aa. Lari naik atas, gelabah mcm sial. Faiz ckp, relax relax. Hahaha. I pun actlly tak tau, asal nak gelabah. Me, and Anis semua turun, but pintu gate kat bawah lock. Kiterang naik tingkat 1. Dduk diam2. Then, tgok En. Musawir dah takde. Lari masuk class. Haha. Penuh suspend betul. Me and Mieza split dengan Raihan, Anis, and Aina. The guy dah lama lari msuk class. Then, acting like nothing happened. We took a picture with Pn. Waheeda. Sumpah cikgu tu best. I'll be missing you teacher. HAHA. Okay, then, lpas cikgu keluar. We fly, again. This time, Raihan cerita hantu. Then, the guy again, mcm ckp yg cikgu kat atas la, kiterang bajet buat tak tau. But, dlm hati mcm gelabah nak mampus. And, Raihan continued the story. And the guy buat mcm tu again. Sakit hati gila, terus blah, then, dierang gelak2. Las, dduk dkat depan surau, continued cerita hantu. Faiz and Hakim and Amir pun join dengar. So, cerita2, tgok dah balik. So, byebye. Thats all. Hee :D


Anis Z said...

Im gonna miss Form 2 :'(

Aqiela said...

Yesss. Me too. I Miss You Guys Alreaady wehhh <3 )':