Monday, December 28, 2009

Hey professor, I'll do anything for an A.

Hey yo. Yesterday, I went to Summit with my mother, and my lil brother. He wanted a new handphone, because his handphone is sucks. Hahaha. So, my mum pgy kedai phone. To buy my lil brother a new handphone. -.- My lil brother really2 need a new handphone. But yeah, dia bukannya pakai. So, i talked to my mum that Kmal doesnt use any phone even dia ade phone. And guess what, dia merajuk. Watafak? My mum mmg taknak belikan. If my dad tahu. He'll be dead. But he is so stubborn. So, my mum just bought it. Sony Ericsson. Haihh, until today, my dad doesnt know that he has a new handphone. Wthell ? Pity mom. She always make us happy. She always buy the thing that I want. But i never appreciate it. Now, i rationalize that im wasting your money, and you didnt get anything from me. All i did, is lie to you. You dont even know that im lying to you. Of crse la you dnt know because im lying kan? Okayy. Back to the point. Ma, im sorry. I just want you to know that you are so nice, kind and awesome to me. Thank you for everything that you gave to me. I promise you, i'll never do that again. So sorry.

Sincerely from me,
Aqilah Nadhirah Halim

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