Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So you think you can dance.

Im sorry fer the late update. Alah, mcm lah korang kesah kan ? HAHA. Well, my holiday was fun! I miss my cousins and friends. Yeah. Them. The person who bright my day up. Today, im very tired. Woke up, bath and then went to Cheras with Hidayah and her mum, Aunty Lela. Well, my aunt wanna meet someone. So, Hidayah and me, captured a loads of pictures in the car. And then, we went to Mara, something something like that. And we ate. And me and Hidayah went to Sogo. HAHAHA. I dont know what are we doing there. But its a tired moment. Then, Aunty Lela sent me home. They went to my house. Talking with my mother. In 830 like that, dierang blah, balik rumah. Hidayah, i miss you like hell. Then, thats all. HAHA. Well, byebye.

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