Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You are my soul

Ohshit, today i was laughing too much, and im hurt. -.-' Yaw ! Hahaha, me and Anis was talking in front while teacher is teaching. Mhmm, i got 29, what happened ? But, i aint fcking care. So, whatever la en ? Then, time agama, heh, laugh laugh laugh and laugh thats all we did today. Anis and Mieza always make me laugh, never fails, never. We got a problem about joke, even its not too funny, we still laugh, and Anis was so like, "what the hell with dierang ni asyik gelak je even bende takde aa kelakar mna?" Then, msuk library, tolong Anis buat Grammah dia, bak kata Mieza, then, library tutup, so, kluar aaa, then Anis gy ckp mcm ni, "Weh qiela, jgn bgitau Hasinah tau, yg kau tolong buatkan Grammar aku!" Actually, Hasinah kat tepi dia jee, then, i push her, and OHMY ! She was so suprised, and I and Mieza LAUGHING again, and then Hasinah mcm tnya everything kat dia, Sorry about laughing at you, but, its funny aaa weh ! Then, Geo, kiterang main2 touch shoulder, hee :D Then, buat muka innocent, hahhaa, lawak sungguh nawww, hahaha, LAUGHING againn, seab reaction dua org budak yg agak kelakar iaitu, Raihan dan juga Aina, hahahaha ! Thats all about today. Chios ! (:

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