Friday, October 16, 2009

I got no rhymes

Today, Me, Mieza, Anis, Norule and Raihan went to Taipan, to celeb Mieza's birthday.(So called 'celeb') Haha, okay. Then, we arrived at Taipan, we went to McD. We order burger, just me, Mieza and Raihan. Norule and Anis, tak. And then, Norule talk to me, she said "Thats Intan(!)" I said, "Intan? Intan mna?" "Intan Syafinaz!" And I dont believe its Intan Syafinaz, cause, yeah, she dont look like her. She look hotter baby. Hahaha. And then, we go upstairs. Norule and Anis, went to upstairs later. And then, we talk talk talk, Anis and Norule arrived. We talk again. Norule and me is talking about Pitbull songs. And them, idontknow. Okay, we blah dari McD, we plan nak pgy rooftop la en. But, tak jadi, because of some reason. Norule hangout with her boyfriend. And Me, Mieza Raihan and Anis, went to BigBookshop, and then 7 Eleven, and then, we plan want to go to Summit, but, we dont. Because, jauh. -.-' Okay. We lepak at Anis's crib. We snapsnapsnap some picture. And its funny, you dont know what the hell is funny, cause i dont tell you. So, shut up and just read. Okay? And then, me, Anis and Raihan, jalan2 kat padang, because Norule kat padang. Mieza went home already. And we sent Raihan at her crib. And met Norule at padang. And, she hug her boyfriend, and so on. Blablabla. Okay, went to Anis's crib again. We snapsnap picture again, with Norule's Camera. Hahaha. And then, Norule went home. And I went home. And its very tired. Until now, Bye. <3

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