Saturday, October 3, 2009

Boy you dangerous.

Hey peeps, today i got stories to tell ya. It was so damn funny mann. Okay, me and Aina raya Anis's house, Mieza and Raihan should go, but, they dont cause they cant, hmph. Me and Aina help Anis. Hee. Okay, her cousin, Anis's cousin. With his friends. haha. Uhhh, its like, we dont talk for an hour, and suddenly, Anis dare me to sit infront of him and talking with him, okay, i did it. It was like, what the f siud ! Okay, its over, we talk talk talk. Poor Aina, kiterang tak layan dia. -.-' Sorry babe. Haiyaaa. Okay, Aina went back home, so, me and Anis plan want to go to rooftop, her cousin say okay, then, kiterang kmas2, and then, blah. Kiterang tak jadi pgy rooftop, kiterang lepak padang, haha, this time, i was sooo like laugh like hell. Kiterang main buayan dulu, and then, main yg jongkang jongkit, time kiterang main jongkang jongkit, then, seorang mamat ni dtg dduk kat buayan, and main la buayan tu, dah besar dah, haha. Dia mcm keluarkan suara like "EMMM, EMMMMMM, EMMMMMMMMM, EMM", me and Anis mcm apahal la mamat ni oh. -.-' Then, tetibe dia berdiri dengan segaknya, HAHA, i tgok dari belakang, mcm dia bukak baju, but, Anis said dia bukak seluar, and then, i said "Mana ada, dia bukak baju la!" Then, tetibe ada keluar air, OMG, mamat tu kencing kot, Anis's cousin mcm tergelak gila2 and pandang tempat lain, me and Anis mcm terkejut and terus tutup mata. And then, baru kiterang tau, dia mcm OKU, hahaha ! Kesian la plak, but still, she made my day. i am sooooo happy today, thnks Anis !

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