Thursday, October 15, 2009

Aqio Falibo

Hoih, today i had a really2 a good day. To Ma, and Mieza, guys, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! (: Mieza, you officially 14 today. And Ma, seriously, idk. HAHA. And okay, First, I went to school with Mieza, as usual. And then, we talkandlaugh as usual in class, but today, we laugh more than talk. Okay, let me tell you. First, in lab, Raihan buat2 mcm muka hantu aa en, mcm tak cakap, and then, pandang mmg tak boleh belah. And, time to, I usik her shoulder, and then, Aina tunjuk jari dia kat Raihan, so, if Raihan pusing, terkena kat pipi, but, Raihan pusing terlalu laju, so, Aina tertekan hidung Raihan, me and Mieza, what else, gelak laa. Its very funny. Dayymm. And then, in class. Anis is talking about Blonde & Blonder. But, i heard from her already, so, i tell her, and then, she find people that not yet heard the stories from her. So, she asked Aina, and Aina said, not yet, and then, she tell from the begining. And, suddenly, Aina said 'Oh, cite ni ke? Dah2'. And, Anis is so pissed off with us. Because we are laughing like hell. Seriously, damn funny la Anis. HAHA! Sorry yoo! Okay, its Sejarah period. So, we sit at our place. And, Pn.Tan is angry at us, because the class is so loud. And then, she tell us about the sejarah thingy, and suddenly, Haikal's table something wrong, and it make a loud noise. And the teacher, silent in a while, and said this to Haikal, "Takpa, takpa, i dont need a music". And, I laugh, because its funny, i guess. And the teacher call me and Anis and Mieza and Aina and Raihan 'Puteri Kayangan'. Idk why. And Pn.Tan said this to us. 'Puteri Kayangan buat apa? Senyum2 kambing? Next year, saya buat Miss Smk Seafield, awak boleh senyum, nmpk gigi awak yg putih itu.' I was like, What The Ver. -.-' And, its time to go home. We 'simbah' Mieza with water, Gahhh, poor you baby. And just now, i just went out with my family to celebrate my mothers' birthday. Happy birthday, agaiinnnn! Haha, thats all. Farewell baby. (:

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