Saturday, October 24, 2009

You're just the same.

Today is so bored. First, i woke up, take a bath, eat breakfast, and online. Thats my routine everyday. Haha. Okay, i was so sleepy. Even i sleep early last night. I sleep around 1.45 something. Chatting at msn with Kevin and Anis. As usual. They turn me on. I've never been so boring if i chatting with them. Hoih. May i say my english is broken. Shh. I miss texting with S. Hehehe. To Anis and Mieza. So sorry I didnt tell you about this. Well, I just lazy to talk about him. Pfht -.-' Well, i got no idea to tell story about. Untill then. Byebye.


Anis Z said...

Ohh, cehcehceh. 'S' keningkeningstar (bak kata Norule)

Aqiela said...

Hahaha, what? -.-'