Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Friends For Life and Death

-After all the thing we been through, you are still with me, trough thick and thin. I think, you are really my bestfriends. Even, sometimes, you are soo irritating with your 'buns', HAHA ! But, hell yeah. You are here to help me. God had gave me a friend like you to be friends with. Im lucky we've known each other since last year. You love to make joke, and it's make me happy, damn happy. Untill, i've forgotten all my problems. All we do is laugh, and thats us. Thnks because being my bestfriends untill now. I love you Nur Hamieza A Rahim.

-We've been friends since kindergarten, but not too close. I know yourself this year, yeah, even you are new to me, i feel like, i've known you since we are in kindergarten, you make me realize that she is not for me, (i think you know who she is) you are my second bestfriends, oh, and, did i tell you, how much you meant to me. Yes, its true. And, you are so-oh-kind baby. Really nice. I am really glad that you are my bestfriends. Even kau suka sangat menjahanamkan badan aku en? HAHA ! Jk. Oh, and I hope this relationship will never end. Pray to God. Heh, whatever it is. Thank you very much Nur Anis Zakri. I love you.

The others, i'll post another day okay. I love you guys !

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