Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Love You, Friend (:

Our SAHUR, full of laughter, bak kata Anis. Hah, guess what, we didnt sleep. Actually, i slept at her house. Haha. Umm, okay2, talk about sahur, damn, she make me laugh. Btw, i yg buat lawak en ? Cehh, bangga ! Hahaha, then, kiterang mkn2, then, habis, we talktalktalk at living room, we wear our first and new platform. And buat2 mcm talkshow, and and catwalk, damn, im having fun yeahhhh ! Erghh, can i turn back time, and live it forever? Hah, then, we talktalktalk, untill pkul 730, then, bru tido, then, bsok bgun, pkul 3 p.m. yaw ! Hahahah ! Then, dduk2 relaks. Woohoo ! Mandi, then, Adele and Keetha dtg rumah Anis, cause dierang nk hafal script, Anis dah la blom mandi en, then, dia mandi, i mcm bca magazine, and and, i tgok dierang acting ! hahaha ! Then, i balik rumah, then, i tman dia gy bazaar, then, she drop me at my house, and blah. Hoihhh, i miss that time sooo much ! Uhmm, seriously, if i can turn back time and live it forever, i will ! (: So, thats all, chios !

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