Sunday, September 13, 2009

You make me feel happy, sayang !

Oh, and Raihan ! ILOVEYOUTOO, SHORTIE ! You made my day too, awwwhhh, we love to be your friends, if you got any problem, hunny, we ARE here to help you. Darn, who said you are not cute, you tell me? Youarefckingcutelahsial! :P Anything, i am glad that you are my bestfriends. Iloveyou,shortie. :D


raihan D said...

yeah .iloveyou more ! thanks sayanggg .i lucky have friends like you all .<333

Aqiela said...

Hah, iloveyoumoreandmoreandmore la bebehh (: Awwhhh, i am so glad to hear that.