Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thank god, im alive.

I dont believe, this girl, i mean, Hamieza, stick with me trough thick and thin. I love you syg. Only God knows, how am i feeling that time, we lost in USJ 1, and, yeahhh, theres a guy that help us. Anis, Aina and Raihan, if you read this, dont worry, we are okay. We are safe. Mieza feels like want to cry that time, and i said, dont cry, im here for you. And then, we laugh. We still can laugh, padahal, tgh sesat mlm2 buta. Its eleven o'clock already, and we still in usj 1, i was afraid, and theres many guys are 'usha' us. Usha pndai, tapi tak nak tolong. Siak je. And and, Faiz, tak reti2 nak tolong. Okay, whatever la about Faiz. He told us already, but we are so stubborn en. Thats why. Uhh, i am so tired now. I wanna sleep. So, for now, thats all.

Love, Aqiela.

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