Monday, September 28, 2009

I met you.

So, today was fun, uhuh, fun. Just now, i went to my aunt's openhouse, Mieza ikut. hehe (: There was soooo, many people, im kinda shy. Haha, Mieza too. Okay. So, we went to Anis's house first, we talk talk talk. Then, kiterang blah. Kiterang pgy my aunt's openhouse, then, we eat. And then, i saw a guy, and, i think i know him. Haha, so, thats right, i know him. He is my brotherrr ! Huhu. Eh, omg ! I miss him so much. Me and my young brother, called him. Heh. He is still remember us ! OMG, darn, kiterang dah mcm lama gila tak jumpa ! But, yeah, we just salam-ing, then, i blah. I tak cakap pun, dgan dia, dah la mlm ni je, yg i dapat jumpa dia. -.- IMISSHIM, IMISSHIM ! But, at least, i met him, and its enough. So, thats all. Byebye.

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